Daily Thoughts I Have on the Tube and Other Mundane London Activities

I’m not going to say that this week has been particulary eventful, because in all truth, it wasn’t. Last week was our first week of classes. On Mondays, I have London in the Victorian Age. That, as well as my class on Wednesdays (London, the Past in the Present; a history through museums) are taught by the same professor and it’s a study abroad class. I think there are 3 british people total in both the classes, out of 80?

My Tuesday class is called Punishment and Society and my professor is awesome. He studied in Brazilian jails and did his masters on self harm in prison. The topic is very interesting and it’s a smaller class that only has five Americans so I like it better. My Thursday class got cancelled last week because my professor (or module leader as they’re called here) broke 12 of her bones on a ski trip to the Alps. We’ll have class this week though, and I did all the reading for both. So today after class, I went to Victoria’s Secret BECAUSE laundry here is so damn expensive (see previous post about laundry costing $7.57), and got more pants (or panties as we call them). I think I was at their flagship store because it was three levels and 50 shades of overwhelming. It was beautiful to see though. There were all the costumes the girls had worn in the shows.Image 

I love Harrods, don’t get me wrong, but I love the experience of shopping outside on Bond Street. There was a gorgeous bag at Fenwicks in the window but I resisted temptation to even look at it even though it was 70% off. I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic last night too so that should help my shopping urges. 

I also want you all to know I’m in a relationship.

With the tube.

It’s a love hate relationship I’m afraid…During rush hour, it’s a hate relationship. But in the quiet morning hours it’s a love relationship. It amazes me how many people (good looking people, with cute ankle boots and gorgeous bags) ride the tube. I’m pretty sure I was sitting across from two people who worked at Harrod’s corporate today. And they were beautiful. During rush hour, I never ever want to get on the tube again. But this morning riding the tube, i compared it to surfing. In fact I think my exact tweet was: “Standing on the tube is how I imagine surfing to be like”. So besides my humdrum daily activities, we should be doing more exciting things soon. Donations are still be accepted!




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