Hey guys! (Are you even a blogger if you don’t write that?) Welcome to my page. I’m a 26 year old American who spent a semester in London in 2013. Fast forward four years later and I fell in love with a Brit living in NYC. Now, we “split” our time between NYC & London. In October 2020, we left NYC and moved to Jersey City. We try and do 4-6 trips a year back to London, with the intention of moving back to the UK permanently. Sorry Grandma!

When I started this blog six years ago, it was a silly way to recount my adventures from studying in London & traveling around Europe as a 20 year old. Today, I hope the blog will evolve to be an eclectic mix of stories from my time spent in the UK, advice for students who want to study abroad, travelers, and I guess anyone who has an interest in reading!

Besides London, we do travel to other parts of the UK as well as Europe and around the United States. But there are so many places we want to travel and I hope I can share my thoughts on all places we travel to eventually!

Also featured often are stories about my boyfriend (the Brit/Dave) and our cat Ellie (named for Eleanor of Aquitaine-wife of Plantagenet King Henry II).

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