Laundry Costs $7.57 For One Wash Cycle and Other London Woes

Laundry costs $7.57 for one wash cycle and other london woes

So, let me first start off this by saying that I love London. I love the city, the architecture, the history and more. But, there are obviously things I really don’t like and I miss from America and I know I’ve been complaining a lot to everyone so I’m sorry and I really do love it here and will complain a lot less when I adjust better.

The first thing I’m not used to is living in a city. My actual dorm is on Pitfield street, and it’s right off of Old street which is basically like an avenue in New York. My friends always joke around every time I hear sirens I ask the people of London to stop having emergencies because they’re always after 11 pm…although tonight has been relatively quiet (cross your fingers).

So on top of still adjusting to this, on Saturday, the Barclays ATM machine ate my debit card. I don’t know what happened! Katie used it seconds before and some other lady used it seconds after but the ATM retained my card. That was an early morning in America as Jodi did her best to get me a new card (which came Monday) and transfer money so I would have it. Unfortunately, all the western unions near me are not working or they don’t have a western union anymore (I’m not kidding I went to 5 or 6 of them and walked around in the freezing cold..we’ve been having a cold front for the past week…for an hour) then on Monday I went to pick up the money in Oxford circus and apparently I needed my passport…and two school ids a drivers license and a two copies of my passport aren’t enough.

So after that debacle….i spilt tea on my Mac on Sunday night. Well not exactly on it, it was just near it and it got into the little ports but it’s okay and it turned on the next day when I brought it to Apple. The closest Apple is down by school so two tube stops( i take Old street northern line to kings cross St. Pancras (which i call pancreas) and transfer to the Victoria line and take that to Oxford circus…then school is like a two minute walk away. But anyways, the closest apple store is next to school basically and they don’t take appointments so on Monday, my first class was at 3pm and I woke up at 6:50 to shower and get down to the apple store to wait in the queue. They couldn’t even take me they were so busy and sent me down to one of their licensed repair people at Selfridges…which is the most amazing place ever. and there’s a cute guy that works there…hey if you’re reading this…he gave me the wifi password which was clutch.

We literally decide where to eat based on if there’s free wifi or not…and I have so many random wifi accounts throughout London because they’re free but you have to sign in.

Today’s disaster was that laundry cost 4.60 (there isn’t a pound sign on my computer) to do a wash and I spent another 3 pounds drying the damn clothes. And the load was tiny. So Katie and i decided to take over the tub and wash everything by hand…everything is currently around my room drying…i’ll post more about classes when the week is over i have one tomorrow and one Thursday. Friday we’re going to Kensington Palace and I’ve saved up all my gluten to go to Pizza East which is supposed to be an incredible pizza place not far from our flat!



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