Small Business Shopping Gift Guide

December 5th. Is this post too late? No! I’m so glad you asked though. Hopefully you’re like me and finished all your shopping in November, but just in case, I thought I would recommend some etsy shops I used for my gift shopping! I try not to make blog posts that are like everyone else’s, but I do find when I google “what should I get for my Dad” I read 3 or 4 different articles for ideas. So maybe at the very least, you’ll get some new ideas that you can implement. If you’re on my present list, hopefully you’re not reading this, and if you are, hopefully you can’t figure out which gift is for who!

I genuinely can say about 93% of my holiday shopping was done on etsy this year. I think that’s the reason I started so early, because I knew I wanted to stay away from Amazon. Unfortunately, some of Dave’s gifts came from main stream stores (it’s fine, he doesn’t read my blog). However, I am going to put some shops below that I used to get presents, decorations, etc. I have linked them in the shop name, but also put the shop link next to the name because I’m trying to be #techinclusive. These are literally in no particular order, well in the order shopped in my etsy, but I had great experiences with all of these shops and would recommend them all! #supportsmallbusinesses

  1. Aegis Art Co: beautiful prints of drawings the shop owner, Sophia, drew

2. 570 Collectibles: vintage and retro collectables & clothing (not just windbreakers from the 90’s, I got something vintage sports themed, but just really liked both of those windbreakers for myself hint hint)

3. US Bays Shop: scarves, shawls & pashminas

4. Betsy Gill Designs Posters, Illustrations, and Invitations

5. Lisa Angel LTD: personalized jewellery and accesories

6. RainRainRain personalized & bridal jewelry

7. Putnam & Speedwell vintage furnishings, fashions, books & curiosities

8. MyPerfect Mug:, mugs lol

9. Moonwake Design, Custom makeup bags, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and more!

10. Victoria Eggs misc london things

And after all that hard shopping, you might want to treat yourselves to these:

Kiehls Merry Masking:

Or, if you’re really weird like me, perhaps a vintage copy of Wuthering Heights ( will do.

Happy shopping!




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