To Be Read// Nov 2 2020

A new month= new time to focus on some personal goals. Every year, I try and push myself to read more than I did the year before. Last year (2019-yes that was really last year) I read 20 books. My goal this year was 50, and as we head into November, I’m only at 25. So I might not hit the full 50, but proud I read more than I did last year!

I read I read a mix of paperbacks (although the occasionally hardcover) and on my kindle (don’t hate me-our apartment is exploding with books). I prefer to read on my kindle, or the kindle app on my phone-especially at night in bed, but there are just some books you can’t get on kindle ! Taking a page, or a note, or whatever that literary saying is, from one of my favourite blogs I’m biased, because I know her, but I also genuinely love her blog. Every week or so, Sam reviews books she added to her to be read list. From my understanding, you start at the back of your list and take 5/10 books and see if you really want to read them still.

Before I do that, I’m going to quickly highlight 5 books I’ve read so far this year that I recommend.

Without further ado, and even though we’re only in November-here are my 5 best reads so far this year

Hillbilly Elegy

I might’ve mentioned this before, and even though it’s got mixed reviews now (or as my content editor for my book-that’s another story- has said it has become “unfavorably looked upon in the industry” I really enjoyed it. A non fiction book, this story will give you insight into a part of America I had never thought about before-the rust belt. The book specifically follows the author, JD Vance’s, life growing up in a community that is impoverished, overrun by drugs and alcoholism and how he struggled to get out but managed. If you’re going to read a non fiction this year-I recommend this one! Fun fact-there is apparently a movie coming out this year (???)

The Thousandth Floor (trilogy)

This was such a good YA fiction novel. Set in a dystopian type future where everyone lives in buildings (up to the thousandth floor) and the buildings are completely futurized etc. This novel follows a few characters-which take a little bit getting used to at first. However it is a good drama read, and leaves you with a massive cliffhanger. The best part is there are two more ! I found myself missing the characters are the end and wishing for even more books in this series.

Our Guys

You want to get mad ? Read this book. This book explores how a small town in NJ covers up the rape of a mentally incapacitated girl. The town chooses to defend the rich, white, men instead of look into the patriarchal society that created a group of rapists. Sound familiar? Looking at your Brock Turner. Pro tip: don’t watch the film.

City of Girls

I read this book during a brief stint in a book club. Even though the club turned out to not be for me, I really really enjoyed this book! A great fiction novel about a young woman finding her way in NYC after dropping out of college in the 1940s.


I ate this book. I think it took me two nights to read. Tess moves to NYC and finds herself working at the swankiest restaurant in the city. Focusing on the relationships she builds with her coworkers as well as her newfound knowledge and love of food and wine, this story is heartwarming and phenomenally written.

Honorable mention: Along the Infinite Sea

No reason this isn’t on the list sooner, I just have too many I want to share! This is part of a trilogy, although they stand independently. Set between two timelines, 1966 and 1930 there is a car purchase that links the two timelines. A lot of great characters, WWII, and love-what more could you need in a book?! Looking forward to reading the other two in this series-and they’re on the to be read list!

Speaking of, I thought I would share what’s currently going on in my reading world. I am currently devouring “Small Great Things” by Jodi Picoult. I had never read anything by her, and this popped up on some list and I immediately knew I wanted to read it. Written in and set in 2016, the book addresses racial tensions, implicit bias, the judicial system, and so much more. I am about 75% done with it, and I am really really enjoying it.

As I am almost done with it, it was time to add some into my Kindle for future reads!

These are the next 5 I am reading:

  1. Bleak House-Charles Dickens
  2. The Count of Monte Cristo-Alexandre Dumas
  3. Perennials-Mandy Berman
  4. A Thousand Splendid Suns-Khaled Hosseini
  5. The Reader-Bernhard Schlink

I got lucky, as I was going through my to be read list, these 5 were next and all still interested me. I have a giant list in Amazon & I scroll to the bottom and go in reverse order when I buy new ones. I officially am reading books I added in January 2018, so making good progress and leaving 2017’s list finally !

Have you read any of these books? Let me know in the comments!




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