Sat Oct 24th Asos Haul

While we wait patiently (ok, very very impatiently) for Coronavirus to go away or at least be under control, I plan to blog about other things too. I have recently done some fall shopping and thought you guys might want to see what I got! In case you missed the memo we recently moved out of NYC to Jersey City. There is a decent mall here, and I did a Zara/H&M haul earlier this week. However I also am the queen of packages in our building, and just received a big Asos order.

This is still relevant, because Asos was a brand I hadn’t heard of until I was living in the UK! There are no brick and mortar shops, it is solely an online store. They carry their own label, as well as many other big ones in the UK such as New Look, Bershka, etc. They also carry Puma, Nike, Adidas etc. There is a big focus on sustainability as well. Basically, I cannot recommend them enough.

However, with online ordering comes trials and tribulations. When I order, there is usually one or two things I send back. Sizing is pretty accurate, and there is a size calculator (which I usually take with a grain of salt) that can be somewhat helpful too. Obviously it’s easier to order S/M/L/XL/XXL etc, versus 0/2/4/6/8 etc. BUT this order that came today was absolutely perfect. I am keeping the whole thing and I am so excited to share it with you guys.

Bear with, I promise we’re going to work on the photos, and I never said I was a model so be nice!! Also, the purpose of this order was joggers and jumpers (sweaters). So these are pieces I am planning to wear on cozy days, or while I’m working from home. Although the two cardigans I got obviously can be dressed up or down.

Without further ado:

  1. Noisy May Longline Cardigan in black

I though this piece would be super comfy in the house with joggers (although I will definitely wear a shirt underneath lol!). Also thought it could be worn with jeans and slides, or booties.

Here’s how it looked on me. I did order the small, like the sizing guide recommended.

For reference, I’m 5’4. So it hit a little longer on me than the model who I’m sure was 5’12 or whatever. They do tell you on the website the model’s height. Overall, it was very soft, will be keeping (just probably not wearing with crop jeans like I am here)

2. Noisy May Cable Knit Cardigan in black

I’m not actually sure what I was expecting this fabric to be like, but it somehow still surprised me. I have incredibly sensitive skin, to the point where sometimes cashmere itches me (tragic, I know-but sometimes I suck it up anyways). I can’t wear anything wool at all.

This is definitely some sort of acrylic/poly fabric, again it says it in the details at the bottom of the page. I thought the fit was cute, very autumnal and cozy. Also followed the size guide on this one and got a small.

Just realizing now I probably should have made my bed before posting these.

3. Noisy May two-piece ribbed flare leggings in black

There does seem to be a bit of a black Noisy May theme going on here. I only ordered the bottoms, didn’t think I would make much use of the other piece (I think it’s like a bra???). These reminded me of my old solos/hardtails that flared at the bottom. Yes, I’m that old.

Again, I knew they were ribbed but wasn’t quite sure what to expect-turns out they’re almost a corduroy type fabric, but very soft. These were definitely the one piece I wasn’t sure if I would keep, but I ended up loving them on.

A little long, but should be ok with a shoe.

4. Adidas Originals Essentials cuffed sweatpants in black

I’m a sucker for anything adidas. A cliche, I know. These are definitely sportier, although I know people tend to dress up their sportswear lately. I probably would wear these in a more casual way. I was surprised about how loose/long they were. I ordered the small, which as you can probably tell by now is my standard size, and I didn’t feel like I could size down, the fit isn’t my favourite.

Still keeping them though, because they’re very comfy.

Giving you guys two images for this one just because.

5. ASOS DESIGN basic jogger with tie

The only piece of clothing I ordered which isn’t black lol. I am trying more and more to create a colour/capsule type wardrobe. Inspired by fashion jackson -my favourite style blogger, I am trying to focus mostly on black white grey and camel colours. However, I do love a bit of burgundy, navy, and green.

I couldn’t resist the price on these, and they’re a great basic!

And I’m wearing a bright blue jumper-like I said, I’m trying lol

I ordered a 4 in these, and they fit perfect. Again, it was the size recommended by ASOS, which usually works.

Hope you guys enjoyed this fall haul. Looking forward to where the blogging life can take me next!




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