Sunday Eve Posts Are Becoming a Thing // November 22, 2020

Scary that I just wrote the title as November 22, 2019. It feels as if no time has passed since last Thanksgiving. What is even scarier, is that we are rapidly approaching the 1 year mark of the day the world shut down (at least here in NYC). Last year was a weird Thanksgiving for my family. After many years of my parents hosting Thanksgiving, followed by many years of going to my Aunt and Uncles’ for Thanksgiving, the past few years have been a blend of Dave and my’s family. In fact, Thanksgiving 2017 was the first time I met any of Dave’s family, when two of his sisters came over. Luckily, the next year, his parents and sister were able to come over again. Last year didn’t lend itself to any of Dave’s family coming, which ended up being okay as my brother had Ecoli and we went to different family member’s for the holiday.

This year will be even weirder I reckon. It’s not that I’m not looking forward to the holiday, but I have so many mixed emotions about it. Although it’s never been my favourite holiday (I genuinely eat about 2 oz of turkey, stuff myself on sides & pies and call it a day) I have grown to love it the last few years. My family began hosting again, and we welcomed Dave’s family into our home too. I cooked with my mum, set the table, and genuinely felt thankful for the time we spent together.

My mum and I clearly have too much fun together anyways. And that’s something I am looking forward to this year for sure. I am helping cook, and it will just be my immediate family (my parents and brother who live together and my grandma who we have been seeing since July). I feel like most people’s minds are made up this point if they will travel or not, but I so strongly advise you against it if you are unsure. It is worth it this one year to skip the large family gathering and try and do everything you can to protect your loved ones. Of course I cannot tell you what to do, or not to do, but for me at least, it’s worth it to have the small gathering to protect my family. I hope next year will return to normal, especially with all of the positive vaccination news lately.

I feel like this post has really just been a trip down memory lane, and I promise the next one will be more relevant to everyone else! If you’ve stuck with me this far I appreciate it, and maybe you’ve even found some outfit or table inspiration. I usually send all Thanksgiving guests the theme (see above for Maroon Moods & A very Navy Thanksgiving). Everyone complains, most people pity me and try to match the theme-Dave gets no choice of course. But this year no theme. Everyone can wear what they want. I am so thankful and grateful I get to spend the day with them and we have been widely untouched by COVID thus far. If everyone showed up in PJS I would just be happy to see them.

Anyways, like I said, thanks for sticking with me today on a trip down memory lane of my recent Thanksgivings. I will work on some new content for you guys soon! Wishing everyone a happy & HEALTHY holiday. Be smart friends




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