Sunday Reflections // November 8, 2020

Why does this week feel like it’s been a year long?? Maybe not if you are in other parts of the world, but I think for most (well 74 million) Americans, it felt like this week would never end. Also I guess if you’re in the UK, or any other part of Europe and reading this in lockdown, time might be going slow for you as well. Thanks for spending some of your election come down/lockdown weekend 1 reading my rambling post this week!

It was a busy week, and somehow nothing happened all the same? Of course, the election drama started Tuesday night. In 2016, I went to bed at around 10pm, while Hillary was winning and things looked good, and woke up very very sad on Wednesday morning. Dave and I vowed to stay awake this year and while we didn’t do as good of a job as Steve Koranacki, we managed till about midnight on Tuesday. As the days of the election went on, and on and on, it surprised me how vested the rest of the world was regarding the outcome. Obviously I knew Trump wasn’t liked or respected, but I suppose with the UK in lockdown with access to CNN, the election of the United States because a hot topic around the world. In case you’ve been living under a rock, or didn’t hear the celebrations around you-Joe Biden is the President Elect and will go on to be the 46th president of the United States.

While this is very exciting news, most people I know were not celebrating Joe Biden’s win as much as they were celebrating the firing & eviction of President Trump. I feel conflicted. I do love listening to Joe Biden speak, as someone is coherent and tries to bring the nation together instead of whatever Trump was doing the last 4 years, but I do worry he’s a bit “diet republican”. As in, I think he’s not massively progressive and really is more moderate than socialist/leftist than people (well I guess some people) would have liked to see in office. Regardless, I hope he surrounds himself with a lot of people that want to continue making change in the country. I already am more hopeful about his Coronavirus task force than I have been any day of Trump’s presidency for the last four years.

And, of course I cannot get through this post without mentioning Kamala Harris. Someone whom my brother declared he “hated” for no good reason except that she was pulling faces during the VP debate when Mike Pence continuously spoke over her and his allotted amount of time. Well, let me tell you, I have been a woman in Kamala’s position (not exactly of course-you all didn’t miss my VP candidacy) and it felt SO DAMN GOOD to see an authoritative, yet respectful woman who demanded to be heard and not spoken over.

I’m going to be really brutally honest with you guys, and again say she’s not my top pick for the White House. Her record as a prosecutor doesn’t show me great strides will be made in the criminal justice reform that is so desperately needed in the country. #defundthepolice. However, I have hope. For the first time in four years (yes, I know that’s getting a bit repetitive) I genuinely feel excited about the government and the hopefully positive change that they can bring in the country, which is so desperately needed.

And of course, let’s talk about how there is a MADAM VICE PRESIDENT in the house. I was almost in tears. Genuinely. In other countries, there have been female prime ministers (hello Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher, Jacinda Arden etc) and here, we have yet to have a female president. It is so damn time a woman is in charge of this country, but VP is the first step. Not only is Kamala a woman, but she is of black and south asian descent. She is a woman who represents what so many Americans look like today, and that is so important as well. The time is long over to have the government men by old white men. I am excited to see what the future of America holds in terms of leadership.

& she won’t be the last

So besides the election finally being called Saturday morning (even though Dave wouldn’t turn the football off to watch the news) we had a really really lovely weekend overall. Friday eve was spent out with friends. We still haven’t tried indoor dining (except accidentally at IHOP once and we will not be trying it again) and are trying to make the most out outdoor dining before the freezing cold and snow. We went to a local restaurant, which Dave and I had gone to about a month earlier for his birthday and had a really lovely meal.

Saturday was #selfcaresaturday and I got a massage for the first time since before the pandemic. (My last one was in East Grinstead and I’m pretty sure I was so jet lagged I slept through the whole thing). I also had some cupping done, as my headaches have been a bit more present than I would like. I had done traditional stagnant cupping before, but this time I had a Swedish massage with a cupping add on. He moved the cups around after they were suctioned on. I knew immediately the left side of my back was tighter as the cup felt more present (it’s not painful though!). And sure enough, my back is telling me that today.

Dave and I also did #selfcarestaturday errands which included going to the shoemaker and jewler for some repairs. We ended the night with sushi in bed and two house of cards episodes, as we had been watching nothing but the news all week.

Today, the final day of the weekend, started with me thinking it was Monday morning and being really sad. BUT then I remembered it was only Sunday and we had a fully day ahead of us. After 9 hours and 9 minutes of uninterrupted sleep (thank you automatic feeder & boyfriend who gets up before me to feed the cat) Dave and I went for a hike. We made our way to Wawayanda State Park and did a killer 7 mile hike. Okay, it was 6 but we went the wrong way for half a mile. I will do a separate post about our hike because it was such a beautiful day & great place for an excursion if one is needed.

Until next week, (unless I find time before then!)




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