Big Announcement!

Just a quick one today. As we are more settled in our space after leaving NYC, I am sleeping full nights, and feeling much less stress in general, I am turning my attention back to my side projects! Like my blog, my book, (yes you read that right!) my poshmark etc.

I always promised myself when this blog got a certain amount of engagement I would take it to the next level. Well, after a slight hiatus, yesterday’s post proved to me people really are interested in what I have to say! So I am pleased to announce the rebranding (obviously the blog got a makeover) as well as the blog’s new instagram page! Please give me a follow @firststopheathrow as we continue on this exciting journey.

For now, watch this space for a myriad of posts about topics I’m definitely not qualified to write about- and hopefully I’ll be able to travel again soon!




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