166 Days Into Quarantine, I Finally Got a COVID Test

Over the last few months, I’ve started a lot of posts, and yet none of them felt quite right. Today, I really felt inspired to catch you all up on my life. As the title says, the most exciting (??) thing that has happened to me in a while was my COVID test this morning. In NYC, we still can get results very quickly (unlike other states that are taking weeks to return test results). I am having emergency back surgery on Wednesday (and that’s another story) but had to get the COVID test for pre surgery clearance.

I’m going to start off by saying I definitely wasn’t excited. Especially as we thought we had it in March but couldn’t get a test, I almost felt resentful I could do it so easily now. But anyways, we drove (yes we have a car now !!) to the UES and got in line for a COVID test at 8AM this Sunday morning.

I also should tell you guys Dave has had two COVID tests. Not super recently, maybe early June and late June? I’ll spare you all (mostly him) the details of why he had one, but he said the first one was awful. Like worst thing he ever experienced. However, he said the second one wasn’t so bad because they didn’t go so far into his nostril.

I was hopeful by nearly September that I would be able to do a saliva test. I was wrong. So we waited in line for about ten minutes, I went inside, and waited some more, and the actual test took about 1 minute start to finish. I mean me walking in the curtain divided area, sitting in the chair, the tech asking if I was “getting comfy” to which I replied, hardly, which really made him chuckle for some reason. Genuinely he was the loveliest guy, and he told me to look up and breathe through my mouth. The swab was in my nose for about 3 seconds.

Would I like to do it again? No thanks. But was it awful? Not at all. Basically, he sticks the thing so far up your nose it almost goes numb for a second and you kind of feel it in your teeth like a dull but sort of sharp pain. But it’s over so fast you don’t even have time to process it. Apparently, it is worse if you have a deviated septum. Which Dave has, so that makes sense. I had a septoplasty after I broke my nose because I was having excessive sinus infections and nose bleeds, so perhaps that’s why it didn’t bother me as much.

I hope to write more, and keep you all updated about life-but we are moving in less than a month and things are hectic around here! So bear with me & till next time…




One thought on “166 Days Into Quarantine, I Finally Got a COVID Test

  1. Hope it all goes well, and good luck with the back surgery XXX. I am afraid of the COVID test because of my deviated septum, but did get the antibody test. Here’s to hoping for saliva soon!

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