Blackout Tuesday and The Importance of Continuing Education And Advocacy

On social media today, there is a movement where one posts a picture of a black square. This square is supposed to represent self muting, to give space to people who are trying to educate on the black lives matters movement. It means taking the time off from posting photos of your cat, or boyfriend, or latest baked goods. The black square is acknowledgement that as an ally, you are listening, you are supporting, and you are continuing to educate yourself about the black lives matter movement and the ways you can help.

When I woke up this morning, and this post really isn’t about me I promise, I saw a few squares posted on my instagram. Mostly from people in the UK. Then, as the morning went on, my feed was flooded. There were only black squares on my page. (With one or two exceptions). But by this afternoon, my feed is different again. Along with the black squares, acknowledging allyship & listening & education, there are people coming forward with information on how to be involved. The point of the black square, and the social media blackout is not to be silent and not post anything for a week. It’s to post information and tools for people to educate themselves and others.

It is not enough at this point to post a black square, say black lives matter, and move on. It’s no longer enough to say you aren’t racist, you must be actively anti racist at this point, to help promote racial justice & equality. As I said last night in my post, is not enough to no longer say I don’t see colour. We need, as an entire global population, to acknowledge that there is a large disparity and massive injustice in the way African American people are treated, especially in the United States.

The purpose of this post, is to educate. Below, comprised from many different sources, you will find books, movies, people to follow on instagram, things to listen to, and where to donate. I hope this post continues to educate, as the one I wrote last night has. And I hope that people reading it will continue to push the message & their support along.

Please feel free to repost any of these, share this post with your friends, or reach out if you want additional sources or infromation.


  1. Me and White Supremacy- Layla F. Saad
  2. How to Be an Antiracist- Ibram X. Kendi
  3. The New Jim Crow- Michelle Alexander
  4. Girl, Woman, Other- Bernardine Evaristo
  5. Notes From a Young Black Chef- Kwame Onwuachi

People to Follow:

  1. @chasinggarza
  2. @colorofchange
  3. @raquel_willis
  4. @candicefortin
  5. @fatimagossgraves

What to Watch:

  1. American Son (netflix)
  2. When They See Us (netflix)
  3. If Beale Street Could Talk (hulu)
  4. Just Mercy (avail to rent on amazon prime)
  5. Selma (avail to rent on amazon prime)


  1. 1619-NYT
  2. Code Switch-NPR
  3. Momentum: A Race Forward
  4. Pod Save the People
  5. The Diversity Gap

Places to Donate: (see this link for a fuller list, all links included below)

  1. The NAACP
  2. Campaign Zero
  3. The Innocence Project
  4. National Bail Out
  5. The Bail Project

I have pulled these books directly from my reading list, I personally follow these people on instagram, I have seen one of these films and plan to watch one tonight (if I can bear to turn off the news), I personally am not a podcast fan, but I try very often to get into them and will be trying one of these, I will donate to these places. Educate yourself, reflect upon your thoughts and actions, and continue to support the black community during this crucial time.

If you are protesting tonight, please be safe. If you live in a state with primaries today, please vote.




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