Happy friday! A brief update in month 2 of quarantine

Now that I have started working remotely, and have actually been getting work to do, the days (of the week) are somewhat easier to keep track of. Today is our 34th day in isolation in NYC (I had to mark the days on the calendar for my sanity). What has surprised me the most is how fast the days go. The weekend goes slower, which is actually nice (except sometimes Dave and I look at each other and think, what should we do next?). Ellie seems to really love having us home, and has spoiled us with all day cuddles instead of just at nighttime.

I have mostly been working out inside. I was doing long walks a few weeks ago, but since I started working, it’s impractical to go for a 2 hour walk in the middle of the day. Also, New York City is getting weirder for me. I wouldn’t say I’m “happy” or “proud” we stayed in the city, but we truthfully didn’t have anywhere else to escape to. Dave’s family is in the UK, and my mum is an essential worker who works at an accounting firm. It didn’t make sense for us to go home with Ellie either, as she doesn’t get along with my parent’s cat, Luna. (Cats are weird, I really wanted them to have a playdate). Masks are now a requirement outside, and I’m a dreadful runner and the thought of wearing a mask (which it turns out I am also terrible at wearing) is not sitting well. So for now I will be continuing my indoor workouts in our apartment. Except not jump roping, because we don’t have enough room. Believe me, I tried.

I find depending on where I am in the city, things either feel completely bizarre and scary, or they feel almost normal (if you ignore the masks & gloves). The parks bring normality, although certain parks more than others. Being in central park on a nice day almost makes you forget what’s happening in the streets and homes of New Yorkers. There are so many people, kids, etc., around, but in my experience everyone was socially distancing. And it seemed like most people were there for essential exercise. I did see a few people sitting on benches and chatting, but very far apart from each other. And I am a firm believer of just getting the fresh air for mental exercise as long as one does it safely. If you and your neighbor, or friend, or stranger you meet in the park, want to safely social distance and walk to central park and maintain the social distance the entire time, how can I be mad at that?

The streets of NYC are a different story. I actually refused to walk to the post office by myself today. Also, can we just give a HUGE fucking shoutout to USPS??! I am finding myself there once or twice a week, for online returns, to mail notes to family and friends, gifts to friends for missed birthdays, baby showers etc. The post office is single handedly (well that’s probably an exaggeration, but I feel largely impacted by it) keeping me from going, well, postal. Hahah. I crack myself up. Blame Dave, he’s turned me into a pun devil. But seriously, support the post office & buy stamps online, you’ll always need them & the post office really needs you right now.

On a more serious note, midtown. Not good. The shops & restaurants are boarded up. The few groups of people you see are up to no good (referring to the group of three men loitering outside a closed hotel this morning, drinking in the street). I feel safest in our apartment at the moment, and I am grateful I have Dave and Ellie to keep me company.

I feel like we have been relatively lucky in terms of our local grocery store being open & stocked. There are few things I cannot get each week, but there are a plethora of other options. Until this week though, our grocery store was not limiting how many people were allowed inside (which was ridiculous because it’s very big, but very very narrow). You literally couldn’t pass someone in an aisle without touching them. Apparently some lady threw a fit (well done lady, I practically did it myself a few days before, but Dave told me to be quiet-I embarrass him easily) and now they are guarding the door & only letting a certain amount of people in at a time. I also was surprised at how well the store was stocked once they started doing that. I think because there were less people in the store, they could put more out at once/quicker. We will be doing our weekly forage in the AM, hopefully quickly,

No real other updates, just wanted to say a quick hi & give a lil update about what’s going on in NYC. As of right now, they’re saying the Pause Order will end May 15th, so fingers crossed our numbers continue to decrease and this can end and I can go get a manicure and see my mom.




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