NYC Coronavirus Update

The worst part by far is the hysteria and lack of preparedness by the United States. As mentioned in the hundreds of articles you’ve probably read by now, the testing in the US is just not where it should be. This, and people’s energy, is what is scaring me the most right now.

I can’t walk outside without being barraged with people in masks, or even two masks (hello did you not read the million of articles saying that you should only be wearing a mask if you’re sick, it’s not used to prevent sickness). There are people in winter gloves, disposable gloves, scarves pulled up over faces. Part of me thinks it would be better if we all just self quarantined for a few weeks so I don’t have to go outside and start to panic.

Here, the grocery stores, at least the one I go to, seems fine. I could get everything I needed; from toilet paper (I didn’t buy it because I don’t need it) to fruit to beer and eggs. Alternatively, my mum in New Jersey said she couldn’t even park at the grocery store last night. She also said once she got inside, it was chaos. There was no meat, no chicken, and no fish. She asked a gentleman who worked there if they were having trouble getting shipments of food, to which he replied not at all. They were having trouble keeping the shelves stocked.

I admitted I’ve stocked up a little bit. Mostly on cat supplies. Dave and I can eat pasta for three weeks, but the cat won’t. Well if she gets hungry enough she will I guess. And litter. Cat food and litter were my main concerns. But I did buy dried fruits and nuts, as much frozen food as my freezer could hold, emergency chocolate when spirits are low, and yes a shit ton of pasta.

As far as I’ve read in China and Italy, grocery stores and even some restaurants remained open, but if the entire USA, or even the northeast, or just fucking NYC is closed- I don’t want to have to go to the grocery store. I have to say, prime now & just amazon prime (fresh, pantry, and regular) have been lifesavers. I don’t have to carry 8 jugs of litter home and I can just order a bunch of groceries. But as I’m carrying on business as normal at the moment, I am stocking up a little more on fresh food, milk, etc.

I am supposed to start my new job Monday. A job that I have wished for since BEFORE graduation of law school a year ago. I’m already planning my commuting route, putting extra pairs of disposable gloves in my bag, and hoping it’s empty and no one is breathing on me. I luckily am working in New Jersey, which at the moment seems less affected than NYC, but if the city shuts down, I know I won’t be able to go to work and get paid.

How is Coronavirus affecting your city? What are the people around you reacting like? I’m at a point where I’m avoiding instagram and facebook because I felt like I couldn’t breathe yesterday from the information overload. And the worst part is, I don’t even know what’s real and what’s not because of our corrupt, derelict, incompetent government.

That’s all I have for now. I wasn’t expecting such a huge amount of feedback from the last post, but I guess people are really reading about it and even my blog counts lol.

Thanks for all your continued support. As always, feel free to reach out (and no, not you Robert who slid in my DMs trying to be my sugar daddy).

Wishing you all strength and inner peace, and hoping this is over soon so we can continue to travel and regularly scheduled content is resumed!




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