London may be the happiest place on the planet for me but seeing Greece was unreal. I actually didn’t even plan on going to Greece the entire time I was studying abroad it hadn’t crossed my mind once. I actually was kind of saving it for my honeymoon (lol if that ever happens) but whatever I’m so glad I went. I went with my friend Kelle, and our three guy friends Christian Adam and Keith. They’re all very handsome I’m sure you’ll see pictures of them later. Anyways I got home from Paris on Sunday afternoon, and I left for Greece Tuesday morning at 4 AM. Kelle and I had a different flight than the boys and we left for the airport literally at 5 AM. I took a car across London ( I was East and she was West…just like real life cause she lives in the State of Washington..If i had to hear west coast best coast one more time I was going to punch her…jokes jokes i miss you) and then we took the car to Heathrow.

I had a horrid airport breakfast at 6AM of eggs Benedict and we got on the plane at 7:30. I was squished between two business men (who the hell goes from London to Greece on business) who commandeered the arm rests so I was stuck in the middle with no where to put my arms. Fun. Anyways not a big deal in the grand scheme of things because I passed out before the plane took off. and I slept through breakfast…and landing. Safe to say I conquered my fear of flying. There is a two hour time difference from Greece to London so we landed at like 2:45 or something Greek time because the flight was 3.5 hours. Now since I planned out this trip, I knew the last ferry to the Island we were going to was at 6:30. Kelle and I took our leisurely time and got to the port around 4:30 and we hung out until the boys got there. At some point I got wifi and had a message from Christian saying their flight was delayed and he didn’t think the boys were going to make it. Their flight was supposed to land at 4:40 and it was about a 30 minute drive from the airport to the port. Well I tracked their plane and they landed at 5:17 and somehow made it to the port by 6:10..props boys.

When we finally got to our tiny little Island of Poros, we celebrated with drinks and dinner


The greek salads in Greece are actually so weird. There’s no lettuce in them and they’re kind of just on a bed of tomatoes. which is gross. but anyways. here’s more scenic views of our little island


We spent our days renting ATV’s which helped us get around the island, (not that it was that big) but it helped us cover more ground. 10253876_703994119661220_3730215175199378972_n

The wildlife in Greece was incredible. 1507145_705289902864975_5080580021922228270_n

This turtle was laying in the middle of the road so the boys picked it up and moved it to the side. This turtle was in Athens.


Basically every-time Christian saw something smaller than him he had to pick it up, but it made for cute pictures.


We saw like 13 feral cats all looking at us it was crazy but they were really friendly and not foaming at the mouth so we went and played with them for a little bit. When we went out to eat and stuff there were cats all over the island like in town and at the hotel. The main thing about Poros though was the beaches. It was the clearest water I had ever seen in my entire life.10382977_703761353017830_3436626700232918077_n 

So much that I was swimming, looked down, saw a fish, and ran for my life. So I’m not really into nature, I’m sure we all already knew that. Basically we stayed on the island for 4ish days. We drank wine on the beach every night, ate amazing meals, saw incredible views, and got really bad sunburns. Like all of us were fried. and two months later I still have a farmers tan.10305600_705291009531531_173260689605765406_n

After we ate delicious baklava and took an hour ferry ride back to Athens we went to our shitty ass motel hotel thing and stayed there from Friday-Sunday night. Athens is literally abandoned. As in we struggled to find food. Besides one major flea market, and the historical sites, most of Athens was just really abandoned. We ate at the same restaurant both nights and did most of our touring during the day. The coolest thing I think we saw was the Olympic Stadium. Like literal athletes have stood where I stood.


Greece was definitely the hardest to compare to all the other places I went because Poros was an island. It was a beach vacation v. a city break. Nevertheless it was very fun. And Kelle and I made friends with the steward on the way home and we got a free coloring book, british airways backpack, and extra food & tea.

Also the boys kept quoting the family guy clip on how to make a salad. you should definitely watch it if you haven’t:


and it’s relevant because we had a salad on the plane ride home.

10330425_705278792866086_1201183269096746242_n  10320616_705278909532741_3159531941160226148_n




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