Sometimes You Should Talk to Strangers (Within Reason) Because they Will Buy You/Give You Free Stuff:

As I’m currently riding back into London from Stanstead airport after a weekend in Ireland I can’t help but think how blessed I am. My passport is half full of visas from countries I’ve travelled to that a lot of people in America can only dream of. Ireland is officially my second favorite place after London. It was beautiful. They really mean Emerald Isle. Everything is so green and lush. Even Cork, the city where I stayed felt kinda towny not like a big city. The water there is amazing too like after being there for two days my skin feels so much better. And I’m having a banging hair day.

So after getting back into London last Friday I had a pretty quiet week that mostly consisted of the gym. I have an essay due at 10AM which I decided to leave until Thursday to do. Which was fine because I had all day. But I procrastinated until 11:30 at night and was up doing it until 2:30 AM. People forget to mention how hard the STUDYING part of study abroad is. It’s really difficult in another country to adapt to their writing styles and know what they expect not to mention to sit down and focus and do it. So anyways I went to bed around 3 and woke up at 10 to catch a 12:00 bus to the airport. Two tubes later I was on a bus sitting by myself listening to music. Just as the bus is about to pull out these two men run onto the bus and sat down across from me. I only had one headphone in so maybe I was kinda listening and halfway through the bus ride one of them looks at me and says: this bus is going to Stanstead right? I was like yeah and we started talking. One was English and the other one was (Dutch?) from Amsterdam and they were going there for the weekend to celebrate the kings birthday which is a big party there basically. They ended up buying me lunch it was so cute and hopefully well all meet up in London.

After that I had a lovely plane ride to cork, Ireland. I chatted with the girl next to me she was meeting her grandparents for the first time, because they live in Ireland. The plane ride itself was very smooth but landing was so turbulent because the weather in Ireland was actually awful. I’ve gotten much better at flying. I don’t even take my xanax with me for flights. After I got off the plane and through customs I took a cab to my friend Lizzy’s. We went out for dinner with two other girls from Quinnipiac that were studying abroad there too. We also had full intentions of going out but we decided to stay in and watch a movie and chat because the weather was so bad. Like it rains in London, it RAINS in Ireland. I made Lizzy watch Frozen, which we both fell asleep too and then I woke up super early the next day.

I did a cliffs of Moher tour and met two French girls and an American. They were really nice and I was really glad to hang out with them during the day. Lots of naps though because the bus ride was super long. Cork is kind of in the south west of Ireland and we went to Limerick, Galway, Doolin and saw a lot of stuff. Last night we went out at like 11:30 ish and I had so much fun.

(CLOSE YOUR EYES FAMILY) I kissed an Irish boy to get his sunglasses, which I am now a proud owner of. He was wicked cute but he had some super Gaelic name soooo I’m not really sure what it was. But like seriously I love Irish boys. All of them. More than English boys. I know. It’s serious. I’m still glad I picked London to study in. I love living in the big city. Also it kind of hit me in Ireland, people always say London is the most like New York City out of the European cities because they all have city centres but London has zones and districts like New York.

Anyways we stayed out till 4 and I am so tired. Today we got up at like 12 and Lizzy and I went to Blarney. I climbed to the top (and almost shit my pants it was so narrow and tiny) and kissed the stone, which was also terrifying because you’re literally upside down and this cute little old man is holding onto you so you don’t fall. It was freaky. But I’m so glad I did it. After that I went to the airport and just had a lovely flight back to London. I was chatting with the man next to me and he bought me a water bottle when the snack lady came around although I insisted I didn’t need anything. You can always drink water though I suppose.

So the moral of the story is talking to strangers can be fun and rewarding (but I’m not an idiot and I’m not getting in a cab with one) When we got back to stanstead airport there was no customs so that was like mildly concerning. But I’m just not going to think about it. Even though I really wanted another passport stamp. I just  got home thought and it’s 2:00 AM 
so I am going to sleep.
Goodnight my loves
And see you soon America!




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