1. Kim and Kanye on the Vogue cover. WHY. I refuse to buy it.

2. Kate Upton as the new face for Bobbi Brown. Awful, sports illustrated does not equal high fashion.

3. The London Aquarium. I went last week because I really like aquariums. It was supposed to be 12 pounds with a student discount after 3 pm. Apparently this is only online and when I went at 3:30pm, I had to pay the full 21 pound price. It felt like a giant waste. I was surrounded by children, screaming, whining, crying yucky little kids and they let way too many people in at once so you were basically shuffling through a big queue the entire time you were there.

The staff were rude and short with me (I mean you do work at an aquarium for probably the rest of your life) and the animals were being mistreated. I KNOW THIS IS A BIG ACCUSATION. But I literally saw turtles with cuts and red skin and fish with weird looking skin. There was a penguin who paced up and down an ice platform for the  5 minutes I watched him looking like he was in utter distress. It was just really sad.

This all being said, some cool things happened today.

So I woke up all stressed out and whatever and decided to go to Covent Garden. I forgot the tubes aren’t stopping there on Saturdays or Sundays so I got off at Leicster Square and walked. Which is fine but it was Saturday, midday, in a touristy area. I fought my way through and eventually made it down there.

When I was making my way back, I stopped for lunch at a place called Wok to Walk. It was really cool (and i got it gluten free) you pick your noodles (or rice), what you want in it, and the sauce. I got rice noodles with teriyaki sauce, chicken, pineapple and fried garlic. It was delicious. Unfortunately it was really hard to eat wok while walking so I sat down on a ledge in Leicster Square. A bunch of men walked by in red heels and people started laughing and taking pictures but I ran up to them and was like EXCUSE ME and asked them why they were walking. Surely enough it was to stop domestic violence, and they were walking on the same day as my sorority at home (was) (is?). I told them instantly my sorority was doing the same thing back at home at that very minute 3000 miles away and they took a giant picture with me and I taught them all to throw what you know. Granted this is one of the most touristy spots in London, probably 100 people at least stopped to take pictures of us.


It was really amazing to know people around the world are supporting the fight against domestic violence just like we are.

The rest of the walk home I walked into a bunch of flagship stores on Regent Street. I decided Karl Lagerfeld is my new spirit animal and I went into his store and the girl told me he was still in London but his last instagram was Munich so I don’t believe her.




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