An American Girl in Paris Part Une

Bonjour my lovely chaps. I know it’s been 500 years since I last wrote and my apologies. The day after Harry Potter World, we went to Stonhenge, Windsor, and Bath. Windsor was pretty cool although we didn’t go in the castle or anything. We did get amazing fudge for a really good price though. Bath was also alright I didn’t actually see the Roman Baths but I walked around the cute little town. Stonehenge sort of sucked. It really just is big rocks. But there was wifi so that was kinda cool. I mean I’m glad I saw it because I think it’s something not everyone gets to experience in their life.

I’m finding out a lot about myself this trip. I love seeing things and I HATE traveling. After that I went to Edinburgh with Victoria. Which is still really hard to pronounce. It was a lot like London, and that makes sense because we didn’t leave the UK. I saw the royal botanical gardens which were amazing and I did a ghost tour of one of the haunted graveyards and vaults.

This past weekend, we were in Paris. It started off with a twelve hour bus ride there, which meant team no sleep. When we got there, we saw the Eiffel tower, had our first croissants (and a shit ton of strong coffee) and then saw Notre dame, the lovelock bridges, the louvre, arc de triumph, Trocadero, Versailles, and i forget the name of the last place but it was near like the artist’s corner and Moulin Rouge. Paris was completely beautiful. I’m really proud of not putting myself into gluten shock as well! I still managed to taste some of the amazing food.

It really surprised me how impoverished Paris was compared to London. Every single place we went there were men selling little Eiffel towers really aggressively coming up to you or trying to tie friendship bracelets on you and making you pay. There were ladies with clipboards trying to get you to sign a petition or something while the other ones pick pocketed you. It felt a lot more dangerous than London in that way, but I wasn’t scared or anything you just have to be smart. I really liked being able to use my little bit of French. It was nice to incorporate it into my weekend, I felt more cultural asking for things in French.

Je voudrais trois macaroons s’il vous plait.

I even got complimented while ordering my last meal.

Je voudrais penne trois formages s’il vous plait.

And lots of Merci’s of course.Unfortunately, the lack of sleep this weekend gave me a little cold. So I’m back in bed miserable right now in London.

Here are some photos from my trip.




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