Whomever Said Disney Land is the Most Magical Place on Earth Hasn’t Been to Harry Potter World


So today was the day I’ve been most looking forward to since I’ve come to London. I can go home happy now. Just kidding I’m never leaving.

We went to the Harry Potter Warner Brother’s studio tour! My day started super early at 8AM not that I slept at all the night before because I was so damn excited. Katie, Sarah, and I got on the bus at 11 AM and departed for the studios. The studio is just outside London in Watford, England. We got there and waited in line for about half an hour and they let in 130 people at a time. The people talk for like 5 minutes and we watch a little video about how the book became a movie and then we are brought into a big cinema where Dan, Emma and Rupert are talking and they show a bit from each movie then the three of them walk through a door and the curtain comes up and then the actual door is there. That might’ve been my favorite part. Also Dan looked smoking hot throughout that whole little clip when he was talking.

So first they lead you through the great hall and tell you about what’s in that room and then it’s completely self guided. There are two studios and they have all the props. Except the sorting hat….kinda annoyed about that one, unless I just missed it there was literally so much to take in.

I know it’s silly but Harry Potter is the book my dad read to me every night and it was the first book I could read by myself. I remember not knowing how to pronounce Hermione, or when I broke my leg at summer camp and came home for a weekend and read the entire 7th book in the backyard on a lawn chair. There is something truly magical about Harry Potter and I’m so glad I got to see it. I mean obvs would’ve been better if Tom Felton was there and we got a little snog session in in the vanishing cabinet (so sorry grandparents if you’re reading this).

Tomorrow is another big adventure day! We’re seeing Stonehenge, Bath and Windsor Castle! Tuesday night is Taylor Swift and then for Valentine’s Day, Victoria and I are going to be spending it on a romantic plane ride to Edinburgh. (Which is in Scotland. And you’re definitely pronouncing Edinburgh wrong)

All my love my american chaps




2 thoughts on “Whomever Said Disney Land is the Most Magical Place on Earth Hasn’t Been to Harry Potter World

  1. Sounds fun – When in Edinburgh you have to go to the Elephant house – a little old cafe where J.K. wrote the HP books. Fun place and when you look out the window in the back dining room you look up at the castle and maybe the origins of Hogwarts comes to mind. have a blast – really cool city.

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