When I Die Bury Me in Harrods

So today we saw the famous Harrods! It’s the most beautiful clothing store you’ve ever seen. Today Alex and I decided we need little booties to blend in. That seems to be the style here, instead of high boots. I also needed cool high tops. I brought my nikes to work out and stuff but everyone wears cool high top sneakers. So at harrods I got a pair and they’re so bright AND ONLY 39£, I had to do it. Now I’m not spending money until next week though #budgetingissues…please donate to the jordan study abroad fund.

All my love


3 thoughts on “When I Die Bury Me in Harrods

  1. Sounds awesome and I’m glad you had a good time but please correct that to read please donate to the “Jon and Jodi Homeless Because Jordan is Studying Abroad But Not Learning Budgeting Fund” xoxo

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