First Two Days in London (actually)

So the other post got cut a bit short because I’m doing this on my phone. Long story short, I brought the wrong piece for my laptop charger and can’t stick it into the adapter so I’m laptop-less for now. We’re still in the hotel until tomorrow, when we will move in the dorms and I’ll figure out wifi and how to get my laptop charged.

Let’s see though, we landed in Heathrow at 6 am (first stop Heathrow!!) and the sun didn’t rise until well after 8. It also sets very early here, (4:00pm) but yesterday was a sunny happy day, until night when it rained. Luckily, we were inside though. We couldn’t check into the hotel until 2:00pm, but arrived around 11AM. We decided to go for a walk down Oxford Street and explore the area more.

The hotel is near Oxford street which is one of the busier roads in London and definitely one of the main hubs for shopping. I’m really struggling with the gluten free thing here, but I think it’s just because were living in a hotel the size of a small dorm room. I have to say the bathrooms in Europe are one of the strangest things I’ve seen so far.

So anyways we finally checked in and I met my roommate. We accidentally napped from about 3-3:30, she must have been jet lagged too. We thought we were meeting for dinner at 4 but it ended up being 5 so we napped a bit more than ate at Wagamamas. It was like Thai food and I tried to order gluten free but it was SO spicy so I Just ate a lot of edamame.

We finally went back to the hotel and I went to bed at 1:30 AM. Megan (my roommate) and I both woke up at 5:30 am because it was SO HOT in the room. I was wide awake which was weird because it was like midnight in New Jersey/Connecticut. I think my body thought I was just napping or something. After stretching my legs I got back in bed and passed out for a few more hours.

We got up for real at 8:45 and went to Starbucks for breakfast. I had fruit and a croissant and tried ordering a trenta iced passion tea lemonade half sweetened… and no one had a clue as to what I was talking about. Their biggest size is a venti, but it’s a smidge bigger than the American grande and they usually only serve tea hot and they don’t put lemonade in it. A different woman overheard me and hooked me up with an iced tea. It was dope.

We had lectures pretty much all day but most of them were really helpful and interesting. At 5:00 we were on our own again and we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. It was my friends from Quinnipiac and me. I feel like besides my roommate and this girl Emily I haven’t really met a lot of people. The Quinnipiac crew is sticking together.

But anyways after Pizza Hut we went to the Criterion theatre in Piccadilly Circus to see the show the 39 Steps. Piccadilly was amazing, it’s supposed to be similar to Times Square. The architecture was gorgeous, really cool buildings and lots going on with really bright lights. We ended up walking and took back roads and saw lots of cool pubs with fit lads outside. We went to a pub last night and I had a gluten free cider and it was really good! The pub was gorgeous but not like very interactive. You kinda got a table and sat with your group. Not ideal for meeting people. I thought it was strange people were drinking beer and they sold Italian ice during intermission. Also when we walked in the girl was holding a programme and I asked for one and it was like 4£… Usually they’re free! So strange. So anywho I’m back at the hotel eating my milkduds. Tomorrow we tackle the Tower of London, love to all of you




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